Jumping Castles: What You Must Know Before Hiring

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Jumping castles, popularly known as Bouncy Castles are a great way to make an event exceptional for kids or adults. Whether it is a birthday party or wedding celebration, a jumping castle can never get old. It is critical that you hire a castle that will meet the demands perfectly. Here are a few factors to consider when going for jumping castle hire.

Factors to Considerbaby boy wearing cap

Targeted User

Is the bouncy castle for kids or adults? A lot of companies offer bouncy castles for adults and children. Bouncy castles for adults are a lot deeper than those for children. It would also be imprudent to let adults use children intended bouncy castles.

Trusted Company

How effective is the service delivery of the company? Ask around to ensure that you can fully trust that the company to offer the service is reliable. You do not want an ancient bouncy castle or late delivery of the castle.

Place of Erection

Where am I going to erect the castle? A bouncy castle runs on electricity, so it is important to have a location with an available power source. Most companies will not provide a generator. A location that is fit for the jumping castle should be considered. You should inform the company of the nature of the surface so that they can be prepared.

Size of the Jumping Castle

How big should the castle be? This decision will be based on the number of users you expect the jumping castle will have. Jumping castles have a weight limitation that should be adhered to avoid accidents. The size of the castle will also be affected by the amount of space you have. For children, castles that are 12 by 15 foot are suitable. Adults can comfortably use castles measuring 10 by 20 foot.


boy happyWhat are the safety precautions? The jumping castles always have safety features that you should keenly read and follow. Ensure that the castle is not too old or having a vulnerable area. A company that has other safety features is an added advantage. Look for a company that has a competent person who stands beside the jumping castle while the users are using it.


Is it fit for the occasion? Jumping castles have different themes that are used during various times. The enthusiasm of the kids will be affected by how the jumping castle appears. It should also have a fringe shape. A jumping castle can make or ruin your event, so you have to be cautious on the one you choose. Make the most out of the event and enjoy yourself!