Beginner’s Guide To Self Storage Services

storage room

Goods are produced in large quantities so as to meet the demand. The storage of these goods until when they will be needed is vital. This will protect them from damage until when they will be ready for consumption. One may choose to store the goods themselves in order to avoid the cost of outsourcing the service. This beginner’s guide to self-storage services will help you as you plan to undertake this function.

Self-storage services tips


The storage facility should be located at a convenient place. The location should be easily accessible by roads. This will facilitate the movement of goods to and from the facility. The place should also be near the market for the consumers so as to cut on the transport costs.


The available space

The space available for storage of goods should be enough to handle the firm’s capacity of production. The facility should have ample space not only for storage of goods but also for movement of vehicles which will be bringing and taking away the goods. Ample space is necessary to avoid delays in bringing and taking of goods.


When the goods are in store, they will need to be insured against many damages like theft, fire, and floods which may occur at any time. One should consider what type of insurance policy will cover their goods so that they don’t incur the loss that may arise from such perils.

Security of the goods

The store should be located at a secure point. The entry system should also be secured to eliminate unauthorized access to the facility. This will protect the goods from theft. The security system should be up to date with no blind spots which the thieves may use to access the goods.

Training of the staff

The facility should have trained personnel who will be responsible for monitoring the movement of goods to and from the facility. They should have knowledge of the warehousing management systems which will be used in controlling the movement. They are also responsible for arranging and handling the goods well to ensure that they are not damaged during receiving or releasing.

The cost involved

There will be various costs involved. There are acquisition costs for the storage equipment, maintenance, and repairs, training of the staff to manage the facility among others. One should ensure that they look at the cost implication of having this facility and compare it against the cost of outsourcing and see which one is viable.



The company should go for the cheaper option which will ensure they get maximum profits. In most cases having one’s storage facility is cheaper since the outsourced price will factor in all the costs incurred and pass it to their customers together with their margin of profit.