The FIFA 16 Goalkeeping Tips

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FIFA 16 is having some of the best features that will make game enthusiasts love it, especially when playing matches. You can now get free coins at and improve your gaming skills. However, one must have skills and tips on how to beat the goalkeeper before scoring.

FIFA 16 goalkeeping tips

1. Camera angleplaying soccer

You must know how to change your camera angle when playing the game to ‘Pro’ for passing accuracy. It will be much easier to shoot at goal and score when you are in the right position.

When shooting the ball, you need to know the position of the goalkeeper because shooting wide might make the ball miss the target.

2. Dealing with the 2V1 (sweaty passers)

In a situation of a sweaty passer, ensure you keep your goalkeeper right in the middle of the goal or just wait for the pass or shot before making a move. Your goalkeeper will deflect the ball easily away to prevent the striker from scoring.

3. Don’t spam pass button

Never should you spam the button or pass since it is likely to confuse your goalkeeper thus making the opponent score easily when playing in the penalty box. You must not perform any dangerous movement until the opponent makes a shot at goal.

4. Corners

Make your goalkeeper stay on the line when the corner is being played. You can keep LB/L1 held down, but do not try a spam pass! This will give your goalkeeper higher chances of saving the ball away from the goal.

5. Goal kicks

Goal kicks often depend on the style of play and the pro players. With a pro-striker up front, you are likely to challenge the opponent with nice moves that increases chances of kicking the ball into the goal for a scoring opportunity.

When playing, your strikers may struggle to gain control of the ball and you will likely to lose ball possession.

6. Saving pgoal keeper ower penalties

You must apply the technique of patience as an easy way of saving power penalties. Ensure that you place your goalkeeper in the middle thus increasing their chances of deflecting the ball once a player has released the power penalties towards the goal. Your goalkeeper will save the power penalty easily.

7. Positioning

You must always hold up left bumper when keeping your pro goalkeeper in the right position. This will help you increase your chances of scoring.