Four Popular UK Based Web Hosting Companies

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There are many web hosting companies to choose from in the UK. Hence, making the right choice may prove difficult. Needless to say, you require a web hosting company that offers quality services. Such services include best server uptime, active databases, ergonomic control panels, regular backups, up-to-date operating systems, and excellent support. As such, this write-up is aimed at giving you an insight on four popular web hosting companies in the UK.

Notable Mentions

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GoDaddy is one of the best and biggest web hosting companies in the UK today. It was started in 1997 by Bob Parsons who then named it Jomax Technologies. The company offers not only reliable but competent web hosting services. They pride themselves on having one the most superior domain searching options. Furthermore, GoDaddy utilizes its custom that is backed with styling that makes it more professional and unique. is one of the modest web hosting companies in the UK. They are famous for offering inexpensive web hosting solutions to both professional and entry-level businesses. They help you create your website and establish your online presence without the need to do any coding. offer fast uptime that has a success rate of up to 99%. Furthermore, they offer a File Manger feature that allows you to upload as well as store all the files that you require for your site.


Tsohost is a prominent web hosting company in the UK. Their servers have 99% uptime. Hence, once you input your content to the server, it will be viewed instantly from all your UK visitors. They conduct a regular update of their hardware to enable for 24/7 accessibility of your site. In case you experience some technical problems, Tsohost boasts a friendly in-house technology support staff that will immediately attend to your complaint. Furthermore, they offer flexible and cheap plans that give you the freedom to launch your website without any difficulties.


laptopEUKhost web hosting company was started in 2001. Since then, it has successfully grown into one of the biggest web hosting companies in the UK. It is operated from their official office in Leeds. Nonetheless, they have their data centers in Milton Keynes and Maidenhead.

They pride themselves on offering reliable and low-cost web hosting solutions. They have no hidden charges associated with their services or products. Hence, the price you see is what you will pay. Furthermore, they offer quality technical support through live chat, help desk, ticket system, and via their web hosting platforms.

Facts On Mobile Optin By Anthony Morrison

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Mobile Optin is a new mobile email list building software that is developed by an experienced internet marketer known as Anthony Morrison. Although this product is yet to be released to the public, many facts can help divulge it further. Before you use any email marketing software, you need to understand how it works. Moreover, you should know its benefits and why it is better than other regular software programs out there.

Why email marketing?

If you are a newbie to the internet marketing world, you need to know that email marketing is very important, and you need to focus on it. The idea here is that with an email list, you haveholding a lot of money a great asset you can use. Others consider the list as an ATM. This is because it generates them cash every time they want.

Your subscribers will stay keen on your emails and keep opening them. This helps make you money for the years to come. Experienced email marketers will tell you that money is in the list. You should avoid buying email addresses as you will get people who are not interested in your products. Thus, open rates of your emails will be less, and you will be reported as spam. This explains why you need to get a new list all the time. You should be on the lookout for new techniques and systems to improve response rates and quality of leads.

What is Mobile Optin?

The key to a successful email marketing business is to have a quality email list. This ensures that you are getting quality leads. Not only are the leads targeted regarding interested in our niche, but you also need to be sure that you are getting quality messages to send them.

Usually, opt-in pages have a button, which your website visitor press, which alerts them to opt-in your list. This is very easy for them as they can send an email to your clients even from working on tabyour phone. When you target mobile users and send them opt-in pages, you can be guaranteed that you are getting quality response rates.

Although the program is yet out, the first people to join the bandwagon will get some cool things free. You will get your Mobile Optin account. This is where you will be running unlimited campaigns. There are several templates you can choose. These templates are customizable and compliant. In addition, there is a dashboard to check analytics of your campaigns.

What Makes An Ideal Web Hosting Company


A good web hosting company is one that implements the identity of your website successfully.

The right hosting provider does not leave any site problem unresolved. It uses expertise and experience to deliver domainsunfailing and effective solutions no matter the magnitude and size of your website operations.

You need a provider that follows a particular working site. It follows a process-driven working styles from the start to the end. It also helps make effective automation of every business function with flexibility and agility. If you believe in a truly paperless working environments, it helps in process orientation, automation drive, and agility that allows you to accommodate exponential growth of your business.
The right hosting company provides result-oriented solutions. It follows a strict process-driven working style from the start to the end. This makes an effective automation of each and every business activity with flexibility. The company should come out with research, communication, technology, and in-depth market knowledge. With an acute understanding of the things, you need a professional web hosting firm that offers tailor-made and customized web hosting solutions.

Nowadays, customer protection is important. Therefore, your website hosting provider should provide the same. SSL certificates offer the feel of undaunted security to your visitors.

Many online entrepreneurs consider web hosting has an expensive option. Large companies have their sites set up professionally. However, this does not mean that your business is to be left in online marketing. There are providers, which globe provide quality services and support at affordable prices.

Reputable companies prove to be a great partner, which a business can have. You should note that a well-structured website can result in many leads. The majority of the sites are meant to capture leads, provide information, or sell something. A website, which focuses on using shopping carts, eCommerce, and different checkout options.

You should note that online presence is very important for your business. As much as there are many hosting providers are unreliable and finding a host is necessary. Companies need to look for hosting companies that have servers, which offer efficient data processing and avoiding to overload bandwidths.